Recommended Reading

Lost Tai-chi Classics from the Late Ch'ing Dynasty
Douglas Wile

A superb translation and analysis of four nineteenth century manuscripts on Taijiquan. Two of the authors are the older brothers of Wu Yu-hsiang. Their names were Ch'eng-ch'ing and Ju-ch'ing. Wu's nephew Li I-yu is the third writer, and the fourth author is Yang Lu Chan's son Yang Pan-hou. The Yang Family forty chapters are presented here in their entirety. This is required reading for serious students of Taijiquan.

The Intrinsic Energies of Tai Chi Chuan
Chen Kung Series, Volume two

Translated by Stuart Alve Olson

Stuart's translation of the Yang family's journal on the essence and applications of intrinsic energies is top notch.   His perceptive commentary and notes throughout the translation greatly enhances one's understanding of this very advanced treatise. The first book in this series, titled "Cultivating the Ch'i", is also a necessary edition to one's martial arts library. These two books are presently available through Dragon Door Publications.

The T'ai Chi Boxing Chronicle
Compiled and explained by Kuo Lien-Ying

Translated by Guttmann
Guang Ping Tai Chi Page

Master Kuo has passed on to us the journals he collected and maintained during his lifelong study of the martial arts. This book is an extensive study of the physical laws of the art of Taijiquan. There is a large section of the book devoted to the correct sequence in learning Taijiquan. Push hands is also thoroughly analyzed . Buy two copies as the first one will be cross-referenced, drawn in, and pages studied over and over in the attempt to grasp this wealth of information. Guttmann has done a miraculous job in translating these ancient texts. This book is available through North Atlantic Books in Berkeley, CA.

The Tao of Tai-chi chuan
Jou, Tsung Hwa

The added prefaces with each new edition are alone worth their weight in Taijiquan gold. Jou covers fully the subjects of roots, philosophy, foundation, classics, experiences, and push hands. There are line drawings of the three major styles of Taijiquan. The first and second lu of the chen style, the long form of the yang style, and the long form of the Wu style of Taijiquan are all presented here. Jou started his study of Taijiquan at the age of 47 in 1964 and has obviously progressed steadily through these years both in application and understanding of the art.


The Way of Qigong
Kenneth S. Cohen

I love this book! Kenneth shows his ability as a teacher by presenting a knowledgeable and clear masterpiece on the subject of Qigong. Besides presenting many sides of Qigong including history, practice, basics, and the wonderful section on Qigong lifestyle, Kenneth also raises many questions about Qigong research and the placebo effect problem. He explains clearly the effects of diet on the Qi of the body, and suggests some food combinations that are more nurturing.

Ballantine Books publishes this book.

I've only listed books on this page that I thoroughly enjoyed. The thoughts above are my opinions. Read these books and form your own.

Patrick Dickson